Empowered Youth 365


The purpose of this e-book, Empowered Youth 365 (EY365), is to help young people manage all aspects of their lives while leading them to create their legacy. Have fun as you teach and use your creative genius. Allow children and pre-teens to show their creative side as they learn the lessons put forth in this curriculum.

EY365 is dedicated to young people from ages seven to 12. Facilitators can be young adults, parents, teachers, mentors, professionals, counselors and anyone who loves to work with young people.  The youth can also work through this curriculum themselves and have conversations with friends and family.  These lessons are meant to be learned outside of the traditional classroom setting.  The ultimate focus is to promote the following:

(1) Character: excellent morals, values and principles

(2) Coins: financial lessons

(3) Community: acts of service

(4) Creativity: passions, purpose and legacy.



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