Empowering Youth

Natalie Moses

This page is dedicated to my passion: empowering youth, mentoring youth and encouraging them to read, study, know their history and create from their economic systems — so they can add value to themselves and others. The words for the youth movement are: character, community, creativity and coins!

How May I Help You?

(1) Are you honest?

(2) Are you loving/kind?

(3) Do you respect authority?

(4) Do you honor your parents?

(5) Do you have your own business why or why not?

(6) Do you know how to save money?

(7) Do you help your parents save their money?

(8) How can you use your technology to make your own money?

(9)How can you serve the community and make money?

(10) What is your God given gift?

(11) Why is generosity so important?

(12) Are you a leader or a follower?

Work With Me

We buy homes, in any condition, any situation and the seller pays no fees. If you do not want the home we do!


I sell cars with and without a dealer.