Black Wealth

This page is dedicated to the teens and adults we must teach them to: earn all they can, save, invest, give and spend wisely. We ALL have an economic system on the inside of us based on our God-given LEGACY.

Questions to ponder!

  • (1) Are you earning as much as you can?
  • (2) Do you own a business?
  • (3)What is your budget?
  • (4)Why is saving so important?
  • (5)Why must we spend wisely?
  • (6) What is debt?
  • (7) What does it mean to sacrifice financially?
  • (8) What does it mean to invest?
  • (9) What is generational wealth?
  • (10)What is your desired net worth?
  • (11)Why is reading, studying and researching so important?
  • (12)Have you given careful thought to your legacy?